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Welcome to Sistaz N Motion website. We are truly glad that you stopped by to view our organization. This is no accident that you are here right now.
Sistaz N Motion is about "empowering women entrepreneurs" one step at a time. Ok, you want to know what this means. Well,  it's about helping women become self-dependent and self-sufficient in their own businesses.
Are you ready to be in control of your own destiny? Are you ready to start your own business? Well of course you are----that's why you're here!
Sistaz N Motion is a grassroot organization, established for the purpose of supporting and networking  with women, men, children and families in the area of business such as business development, consulting, grant search. media kits, business plans, business cards, flyers, press releases and so much more.
We invite you to learn more about Sistaz N Motion by viewing all areas of our website. Thank you for visiting our site. 
Warmest regards,
Renee Hutchings
Executive Director/Founder  


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With the growing concerns about children being abducted, Sistaz N Motion is providing Free Children Identification Kits
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Organization News

Congrats to one of our members!!!
Perfectly Babies Foundation just received a $5,000 grant from First Five.
Business Mixer/Luncheon
August 13, 2005 from 12:30pm until 3:30pm at Ms. Virginia's Daycare located at 974 Carlson Blvd., Richmond, Ca. 94804.Come and Meet Chandra Adams, author, "Shades of Retribution".
Sistaz N Motion is out growing Richmond Public Library Community Room, if you have a community room or facility that will host Sistaz N Motion Meeting once a month; then please send us an email or call as soon as possible.  
Loose Change Fundraiser:
This fundrasier is to assist in promoting and empowering junior entrepreneurs and mini business grants for Sistaz. More details about the mini grant will be available in September 2005. Please bring your loose change to the meeting on July 9, 2005.
Sistaz N Motion is always looking for  speakers for our upcoming events, seminars and conferences. If you are interested in being considered as a speaker for any of our events please give us a call at (510) 236-9141 or send us an email at
Sistaz N Motion Magazine fundraiser is an ongoing event for our organization. This ongoing fundraiser is to help raise funds for our organization's administrative expenses and programs. You can save up to 85% and over 650 titles. Go to, then go to Sistaz N Motion and go to California, then go to Sistaz N Motion, then click on supporters and order magazines.
Thank you in advance for your support.

"Empowering Women Entrepreneur One Step At A Time"

Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:

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Renee Hutchings
Executive Director

Phone: 510-236-9141

Sistaz N Motion * P.O. Box 8296 * Pittsburg * California * 94565